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Our experienced team operates during the night or during service interruptions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove dirt, debris and other obstructions from the tram lines, ensuring tram lines are safe and functioning properly.

The importance of Tram line cleaning

Tram line cleaning is all about keeping the tracks where trams run tidy and safe. Think of it as giving tram tracks a good scrub! We remove dirt, debris, and anything that shouldn't be there. Why? Because clean tracks mean safer rides, on-time trams, and happier passengers.

Clean tracks are essential for preventing accidents and derailments. By keeping the tram tracks clean, you ensure the safety of both passengers and pedestrians, reducing the risk of incidents that can disrupt urban life.

Tram track cleaning also contributes to the reliable operation of tram services. When tracks are clean, trams can run smoothly and stay on schedule, making public transportation a more dependable choice for your community.

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J Cupples & sons is a very reliable friendly efficient company who prides itself on delivering a first-class job time after time. I can honestly say that is exactly what you get!! Nothing is a problem, John always goes the extra mile.

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Robert McCulloch

Director, Dem-master

We got John and the team out to
help on an RTA job we were working on to get the road clear and clean and open as quickly as possible. I could not thank the team enough and the work they did. We will 100% use them again in future.

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Scott Anthony

Director, LM Recovery

Very excellent service and highly recommend John Cupples & Sons came to sweep and tidy my yard. They did an incredible job at an excellent price as well.


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William Campbell

Campbell Auto Salvage

We hired John and the team to assist in road sweeping after a significant leaf fall. The results have been incredible and a large number of leaves and debris have been lifted from the road network. This has also helped reduce the chances of flooding.

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Gordon MacLachlan

Clackmannanshire Council

John Cupples & Sons understands the importance of meeting our requirements and provide an excellent service for Diack & Macaulay. Our job requests can be anywhere in Scotland, but John and the team are always available to carry out the work required, on time and to a high standard.

Diack & Macaulay Logo
Stuart Diack

Director, Diack & Macaulay

John always leaves a first-class job, and nothing is too much hassle for him. Many times, I have called the team last minute, and John always manages to fit us in and get our jobs completed and to an excellent standard. Top service and highly recommended for Road Sweeper hire.

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Martin Harley

Manager, Strain Construction

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